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This broom sweeps heavy construction debris like wood, metal and wire. A weatherproof fiberglass handle resists the elements whether hot or cold, and is sonic welded to the broom head to prevent loosening. The dual fiber combination also sweeps fine debris such as saw dust. For caked-on messes, simply turn the broom on end and use the built-in scraper blade to remove mud, adhesives and more. The end grip and mid grip provide comfort and control for increased performance. Simply hose down the broom for easy clean-up.

Super-Duty Multi-Surface Fiberglass Broom

    • Sweeps both heavy and fine debris, from stones and concretemetal to saw dust
    • Built-in scraper is great for caked-on messes
    • Tough fiberglass handle with soft comfort grips
    • Fiberglass handle is more rugged and lasts longer than other materials
    • Heavy-duty design ideal for removal of large messes
    • Cushion end and mid grip for comfort
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