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This mop bucket is the perfect mop bucket for home, church, school or business. It's heavy duty polyethylene construction gives commercial quality construction for every application. The full range of HACCP colors can either add zone or task recognition to your workplace or just add a splash of color to your day.

Brown Mop Bucket/Wringer Combo

    • 26 qt.
    • Tough polypropylene bucket is corrosion-resistant and BPA-free
    • Side-Press wring powered to perform up to 50,000 wringing cycles
    • Compact body with four wheels for high mobility and easy storage
    • Ideal for space constrained environments where a larger mop bucket is not feasible
    • BPA free in all its components
    • Available in five colors to support HACCP programs or for zone or task recognition
    • Made of durable corrosion resistant polyethylene
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